who am I?

photo credit: Jade & Kyle Photography

I am a spirit-spoken dreamer at times adrift in the ecstasy of eloquence but forever devoted to opening sacred spaces for the many worlds of liberation to make their home here, in you and me.  I am a white-presenting, mixed race, queer, cis woman who has tapped, kicked, clawed my shell open to see more and more of how I’m situated within structures of white supremacy, domination and oppression, and power and privilege.  My path has been full of messy mistakes, growing through the shame of my own limitations, and returning to love, acceptance, and compassion again and again. Nearly twenty years ago, I graduated from Colorado State University with a master’s degree in couple and family therapy.  Since then, I’ve been married twice, pushed the boundaries of commitment through polyamory, and found myself happily married to a bushy-bearded, fire-breathing fella who is the absolute love of my life. We are raising our daughter, Wren, with my folks, in an intergenerational home-sweet-home in Portland, OR.  

 Email me at crowinthemoonlight@gmail.com to set up a time to get to know each other and see what we might be able to explore together.

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