a spell for liberation

My intention

It is my prayer that my work offers you a well-held space to glimpse your majesty — the power within you that is made of you, flows from you, is fed by you, and feeds you in return.  

My approach

INQUIRY.  For more than 20 years, I have felt an urging from the divine? the mighty dead? the conscious universe? to explore a host of questions about power, liberation, and humanity’s place in the web of life.  My work is an expression of this curiosity and my offerings display the art of sacred inquiry. In working with me, we feed the spirit of inquiry.  Our purpose is not to arrive at answers.

Some questions will outlive us.  

Surfacing an enduring question is important work. The purpose of my work is to give space for questions to flourish, for curiosity to be welcomed. Inquiry, when fed with our magical might, awakens wisdom buried deep within our bones, our blood, the double-helix of our DNA. Curiosity allows us to glimpse all that has conspired to bring us to this moment, to see the stardust that is still alive within our bodies today.  I welcome the power of inquiry to connect us to the magnificence of who we are and the miracle of being alive.

COMPLEXITY.  All of life is trending towards increased complexity.  In my work, I hold the complexity of working with power, of loving ourselves through confrontations with power, of allowing power to move through us and of owning our own power.  In my offerings we become deliciously entangled within the depths of each other’s complexity, and together, we do our very best to hold space for what will come forward.  Noticing when we desire to make it so simple — but choosing to sit with the complexity of what might rise.

The roots of the word, complexity, is to braid or twine that which is intricate.  My work provides a space to explore many, many threads — the threads that make up the very intricacies of the human soul and your particular strand in the grand and complex whole.  Together, we take these threads, pull at them, and reweave them noticing what patterns form and un-form. It is my prayer that our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our souls — all of who we are — engage with new ideas, ancient ideas so that we may more fully see what emerges.

My invitation

I invite you to listen for the truth underneath my words. I work through story and eloquence to inspire and enliven you — but words are merely signposts.  In my work, in the crucibles I create, I dream a mighty dream with you and hold fast to the hope that within each of us our wisdom will rise. My work is an invitation for you to listen for the truth that resonates within you — the kindred message that was meant just for you. You are your own spiritual authority. You will know what is true for you, what is meant for you, and what you should leave behind.


Simply email me at crowinthemoonlight@gmail.com. We’ll set up a time to get to know each other and see what we might be able to explore together.